The App
For who ?

Mate, your digital assistant

1. MecaMobility is the ultimate digital assistant for all your car maintenance needs.

2. MecaMobility will transform your chosen repair invoices into a digital booklet for an easy tracking and alerts you in advance for necessary periodic car maintenance.

3. MecaMobility is an application to download and install on smartphones with iOS or Android operating system.

Who can use MecaMobility ?

  • Any car owners and drivers who values their cars.
  • Car lovers or enthusiast who cares to have a well-maintained car for safe & comfortable drive.
  • Those who want to monitor closely their periodic service needs, maintenance expenses.
  • Green lovers who wants to help to protect the environment and go “paperless”.
  • Professionals, fleet owners and garage networks.

What can you do with MecaMobility ?

  • Capture all documents related to your car and create a flawless service archive which can be reached from anywhere at any time.
  • You can transform your repair invoices into a digital booklet which allows you to make a convenient search.
  • The app also reminds you the upcoming service needs based on your selection not to miss any important service deadline
  • You can transfer your car’s archive to the possible future owner while it’s time to sell.

MecaMobility is avalaible worldwide

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